Davis Cup Finals 2014!

12 Nov

The nominations came out and I’m going to talk about them! Specifically, France, because honestly Suisse don’t have any options. They have like 3guys, and their best chance is to win 3singles matches.

So, France, they have nominated Tsonga, Monfils, Benneteau, and Gasquet. I think they made the right choice, although I know some people think they should have used Simon. Simon isn’t really a factor against two Major title holders, he’s just not confident enough. But, Tsonga has beaten both Federer and Wawrinka in the past, and Monfils doesn’t lose confidence based on his opponent, he has no fear. And when he is on, he can beat anybody, even Fed! Gasquet also doesn’t get intimidated, but you know, he tends to lose confidence randomly based on himself… I have kind of a soft spot for Gasquet for no reason, haha.

Benneteau is actually a really annoying opponent! He has played spoiler vs a lot of the top guys, I think even Federer! (He beats Ferrer a lot even tho he’s so much lower ranked! :<

OK, but really Benneteau is relatively underrated because he's not flashy and stuff. Monfils is inconsistent but tends to bring his best when the crowd loves him. Tsonga is … Wait, where IS Tsonga? Hrm, well, we shall see. Such depth on the French team, though, means if he isn't firing on day 1 then one of the other guys can play on Sunday.

Who is going to play doubles? Benneteau for sure, and Tsonga? That sounds good to me based on their play styles. I haven't looked at the history to see who has played with who before. My guess is not Monfils in doubles… And not Wawrinka. That's my only guess right now, I'm very excited about this year's final!!!!



I’m too nice for tennis.

9 Jun

I accidentally deleted a post, I thought it was a draft. I hope it wasn’t epic and life changing. (None of my posts are epic and life changing!)

But when I say I’m too nice, I don’t mean I think I am super kind and generous and caring. I don’t think I’m those things. But I really don’t like to ever make someone else feel upset in any ways I’ve ever experienced. So, like, I don’t have a “killer” instinct like people say you need for tennis! So like I get blown off the court but I’m like OK DID EVERYBODY HAVE FUN?? And then I go, how can I lose so much if I have such good shots and great defense! Then I remember that the times I’ve won a trophy were times I was in a field with mostly my friends, so I knew how everybody would react to a loss. So I probably relaxed since I knew nobody would be sad.

I don’t have any self discovery or insight here, just, thats how it is. I don’t even think people outside of tennis would use words like “nice” or “kind” to describe me. But, I’m too nice for tennis, I can’t get a win!!
But, if you want to have a fun match, let’s play ūüôā

Fun Survey!

28 Jan

OK admittedly I made it up and I’m saying it’s fun so I might be biased. ¬†But I came up with really dumb but fun questions to ask myself on Twitter, and I think someone else might also have fun answering the questions! ¬†Here they are! (and my answers follow)

In order to do the first two, it’s important to know the current rankings as set by ATP and WTA! ¬†(it’s not important) ¬†This of course changes weekly, so if you come back here next week dont’ be like “Hey she dropped out of the top 10!” because yeah, that happens. ¬†Based on my BIRTHDAY WEEK, this week.

  1. Rank the current ATP and WTA top 10 players in order of attractiveness (1=most attractive, 10=least attractive)(*note that ranking someone #10 does not mean they are unattractive, this is just a 10-player pool of rankings)
  2. Rank the current ATP and WTA top 10 players in order of who would be most fun to hang out with (1=most fun)
  3. Out of all of the WTA, who would you like to have as a doubles partner the most and why?
  4. Out of all of the ATP, who would you like to have as a doubles partner the most and why?
  5. Out of all of the WTA, who would you like to have as a sister and why?
  6. Out of all of the ATP, who would you like to have as a brother and why?
  7. Out of all of WTA or ATP, who would you like to be for a day?
  8. Which Davis Cup team would you most like to share a hot tub with?
  9. Which Fed Cup team would you most like to share a hot tub with?
  10. If you were stranded on an island with only the contents of one tennis star’s tennis bag to help you through, whose bag is probably most useful?
  11. Name one ATP and one WTA star that reminds you the most of a koala:
  12. Name one ATP and one WTA star that reminds you the most of a fennec fox:
  13. Name one ATP and one WTA star that reminds you the most of a hedgehog:

OK here’s my answers:

  1. ATP: 1. David Ferrer 2. Novak Djokovic 3. Rafael Nadal 4. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga 5. Juan Martin Del Potro 6. Tomas Berdych 7. Roger Federer 8. Richard Gasquet 9. Stanislas Wawrinka 10. Andy Murray
    WTA: 1. Maria Sharapova 2. Jelena Jankovic 3. Simona Halep 4. Serena Williams 5. Li Na 6. Agnieszka Radwanska 7. Angelique Kerber 8. Victoria Azarenka 9. Sara Errani 10. Petra Kvitova
  2. ATP: 1. Tsonga 2. Berdych 3. Djokovic 4. Ferrer 5. Federer 6. Gasquet 7. Delpo 8. Nadal 9. Andy 10. Stan
    WTA: 1. Li 2. Sara 3. Maria 4. Angelique 5. Jelena 6. Simona 7. Petra 8. Aga 9. Vika 10. Serena
  3. Sam Stosur, Bethanie Mattek Sands, or Maria Kirilenko. ¬†Because they all seem very cool, fun people, and they’re good at doubles.
  4. David Ferrer, Jerzy Janowicz, or Aisam Qureshi. ¬†Because they are my favorites! You’d think I’d say Tomic but I can end up pouting in a similar way to him so it would be a bad matchup.
  5. Not Li Na because I like to be the funny one! ¬†I say Carla Suarez Navarro because she seems like she’d be a good fun sister.
  6. Nick Kyrgios, because he’s expressive and cute, and I figure I would have a younger brother.
  7. I think I will go with Sam Stosur, because she probably has a really good practice routine and I could learn some stuff. ¬†I’d say Maria Sharapova but she dates Grigor Dimitrov and I dont’ really like that guy ūüėČ
  8. SPAIN (duh), or Poland, or Germany. ¬†I’d say Czech but they have Stepanek and he kinda weirds me out.
  9. Australia or USA, because we know how to hot tub!
  10. Genie Bouchard seems like she probably has random useful things.
  11. Delpo, and Jankovic
  12. Gilles Simon and Sabine Lisicki
  13. Djokovic and Kirstin Flipkins

That should kill about 30 minutes! Have fun ūüėČ
Do you have better fun questions? ¬†Let me know! ¬†Or if you want to answer these but not in your blog, go ahead and leave me a note, it’s all for fun, please don’t take it too seriously!

Aus Open, Davis Cup, and…

26 Jan

I have to admit, it’s like, 4 hours or so until the men’s final of Australian Open and I really am not all that interested. ¬†I guess I just sortof assume Rafa will dismantle Stan just like he did Roger, and that really wasn’t a very interesting match to watch. ¬†On the other hand, the match between Dominika Cibulkova and Li Na was worth watching even when it seemed like she was going to bagel because it still seemed like she could come back. ¬†She didn’t, but I was in disbelief about that. ¬†I felt that way about Roger, too, that he still had the ability to come back and take a set, but there you go.

So, do I expect Rafa to win?  Yes.  In 3.

SO MOVING ON, Davis Cup next weekend! ¬†Davis! Cup! ¬†I realize I didn’t say anything about last year’s final, and I feel really bad about that because it was a great final that lived up to expectations. ¬†Do you remember how it unfolded? ¬†I won’t go back to that now but just go take a look at the results and you’ll remember how exciting it was.

So now in 2014, some really great match-ups in round 1! ¬†I think the one I am most excited to watch is Germany vs Spain. ¬†I love, as you may know, the Spanish Davis Cup team. You may not know that ten years ago if you’d asked me who my tennis crush was, I would have said Guillermo Coria. ¬†Followed closely by Carlos Moya. ¬†Moya is the captain of Spain’s team now! ¬†Without Nadal and Ferrer on the team for this first tie, he’ll probably have to do some coaching. ¬† Spain is bringing Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco, well they have 2 other guys (Bautista Agut and Marrero) but I am a huge fan of Lopez and Verdasco. ¬†Facing them, Germany is bringing Kohlschreiber, Haas, F Mayer, and Daniel Brands, who I am a fan of. ¬†I think this is going to be a great battle, even though on paper Germany appears stronger.

Canada vs Japan. ¬†Canada is bringing their A-team, Raonic, Pospisil, Dancevic, Nestor. ¬†Japan is bringing Kei Nishikori. ¬†Well they also have Go Soeda, who plays better than his ranking I think, but not consistently enough to raise his ranking. ¬†Well that’s pretty obvious, really, but my point is don’t count him out. ¬†I’m really looking forward to Raonic vs Nishikori because it should be really intense. ¬†I can’t imagine Canada losing this tie, though.

I can’t imagine Czech losing their tie vs Netherlands, but if you look at the Davis Cup website, it shows Jean-Julien Rojer as having a really low singles ranking. ¬†Who cares? ¬†He’s a doubles specialist, what is with that stat on the main tie page, silly website! ¬†It’s not that I doubt the abilities of the Netherlands, it’s just that I can’t imagine Berdych-Stepanek losing. ¬†I’m a fan of Lukas Rosol, but poor guy, he’ll never get to play a rubber as long as Berdych-Stepanek are around!

Australia vs France is the other tie that I really want to see. ¬†France has some of the top talent that isn’t in Spain, and Australia has some of the best young guns around. ¬†Of course I miss Bernie Tomic, but I’m not sure the other players do… haha, hard to tell with that guy. ¬†But! ¬†Australia’s line-up is power-packed: Hewitt, Kyrgios, Kokkinakis, and well honestly I don’t know much about their 4th guy Guccione except he’s a doubles player. ¬†And they are playing against a stacked French team, Gasquet, Tsonga, Bennetteau, & Monfils. ¬†I feel like with the confidence the young Aussies should have from the AusOpen, they’ll be ready to take it to the veterans, but that is still a pretty tough hill to climb!

In Zone Group 1, the best matchup looks like Slovak vs Latvia. ¬†But there’s a bit of a dorky picture of Martin Klizan, I wonder if the players have seen their photos on the Davis Cup website? ¬†Actually I think a lot of the other matches will be interesting because they’re evenly matched, but they are mostly lower-ranked players that I don’t know that much about. ¬†Exception is India, they should sweep that tie, that’s how I feel anyway. ¬†Poland vs Russia should be good, too, but I expect close scores and high excitement in Slovak v Latvia.

ok, another post soon?  not 4 months from now?  I can do that!

My Opinion On Sports Journalism

7 Jan

Sorry, I just realized I didn’t update much at the end of last year, but that’s because… I was busy watching and playing tennis ūüôā Now I’m back and the first thing you get is a rant. ¬†Sorry.

Sports journalism, though, and Jon Wertheim in particular, are full of this really banal garbage that seems specifically targeted to win awards of some sort. ¬†But it’s really boring and nobody wants to hear/read that except other journalists I guess, I wouldn’t know! ¬†You know what I’m talking about, where the headline tells most of the tale. I came up with a good example of how crappy it sounds when journalists do this, and I present it to you.

DALLAS WINS THE FINAL (this is the headline)
Sweat. Sacrifice. 100 days. ¬†These are all things, and in addition to those things, there’s technology. ¬†How much has it changed? Are the athletes good? ¬†Just like how a sidewalk holds dozens of feet, the team also holds dozens of feet. ¬†Where they walk, what they step in, these things will be determined by the path they choose. ¬†A path littered with stains, poop, and those little rocks. ¬†A path they walk together, like ducklings.

Yeah maybe I’m exaggerating, but only a little! That’s exactly how I read or hear it when writers or Jon Wertheim say it! And the worst part is, all I wanted to know was who scored the points and if there were any spectacular plays I should search YouTube for!

(that said, I love my paragraph, and if I’m ever in a position to write a report, I’m going to intro with it ūüėČ

Davis Cup Doubles Day!

15 Sep

Well the doubles were played today (Except for ISR vs BEL, they played theirs yesterday) and Czech republic is in another final! ¬†Will they have Berdych & Stepanek to try to repeat as champions? ¬†If we’re lucky they will!

I had to leave to play my own tennis match before the Serbia vs Canada match was over, and when we were done with our match it was tied up 2 sets apiece and 3-all in the 5th! ¬†I can’t wait for a replay of that match on television, what an epic it turned out to be. ¬† Can the Canadians score another upset??? ¬†Can ANYONE stop the Czechs???

WG Playoffs, I’m really shocked that Austria went down in 3! ¬†I don’t mean to say that I doubt the Netherlands, they’re a solid team. ¬†But I thought there would at least be 1 live rubber on day 3! ¬†Not surprised at all that Switzerland and Spain are already through, though. ¬†I had heard at one point that Japan was going to use Soeda + Nishikori in doubles as well as singles, but they didn’t end up doing that it looks like. ¬†Poland came back in doubles vs Australia, but we all sortof suspected they would, they have a great doubles team. ¬†What an amazing Day 3 we’re going to have!!!!!!

According to Davis Cup twitter, Andy Murray said that he wished Davis Cup was mandatory, so the schedule wouldn’t be so harsh on top players who wanted to play. ¬†I couldn’t agree more. ¬†Having the top guys in the mix makes it so much more exciting, and I’m sure some of them feel TERRIBLE when they can’t play and then their team loses! ¬†Kudos to all the guys who manage to fit it into their schedule!

Davis Cup day 1

14 Sep

I can’t believe how far behind I am on talking about Davis Cup! I’m not behind on watching or paying attention, just on talking about it. What a great weekend, no matter what matches you get to see, should be epic! I wish the matches in World Group play-offs were being broadcast on television, I’d really like to watch Poland vs Australia. Way to go Aussies! But I am also a fan of the Polish guys! Missing Janowicz, I knew that would cost them. ¬†I hope there’s a webcast I can watch for Kubot vs Tomic. ¬†I love to watch both of those guys.

Who do you think will play in doubles tomorrow for CZ? ¬†Personally I am a fan of Lukas Rosol since his win over Nadal that one time, but I’d understand if the Czechs play Berdych/Stepanek. ¬†But in terms of guys I like to watch, they aren’t even on the list, so my preference is for “team B”.

I’m completely shocked that Austria lost both 1st day matches! ¬†that’s how it is in Davis Cup, though! ¬†Let’s see if they can come back!

How About Milos Raonic! ¬†What a great match! ¬†I am a huge fan of Djokovic but I can’t help cheering for Canada in this tie! ¬†How awesome would it be if they made it to the finals for the first time ever! ¬†Well, there’s still a couple of days left so anything can still happen!

I haven’t gone through the zone group results yet, but what a great weekend so far. ¬†I hope I remember to talk more about it on Sunday, these are my favorite weekends of the year!